Part Part No. Mainframe Model
Cylinder body 6209-21-1100 KOMATSU S6D95
Cylinder body 6209-21-1200 KOMATSU S6D95
Cylinder body 6735-21-1010 KOMATSU S6D102
Cylinder body 3044517 CUMMINS KTA19
Cylinder body 3031150 CUMMINS NT855
Cylinder body 3803717 CUMMINS MTA11
Cylinder body 3939313 CUMMINS 6CT8.3
Cylinder body 3903797 CUMMINS 6BT5.9
Cylinder body 3920005 CUMMINS 4BT3.9
Cylinder body CAT 3306
Cylinder head 6150-11-1100 KOMATSU S6D125
Cylinder head 6742-01-5530 KOMATSU S6D114
Cylinder head 6137-12-1600 KOMATSU S6D105
Cylinder head 6137-12-1200 KOMATSU S6D105
Cylinder head 6209-11-1100 KOMATSU S6D95
Cylinder head 6735-11-1020 KOMATSU S6D102
Cylinder head 6731-11-1370 KOMATSU S6D102
Cylinder head 6115-11-1101 KOMATSU 4D130
Cylinder head 8N1187 CAT 3306PC
Cylinder head 8N6796 CAT 3306DI
Cylinder head 8N1188 CAT 3304PC
Cylinder head 9S5545 CAT D343
Cylinder head 3021692 CUMMINS KTA19
Cylinder head 3418529 CUMMINS NT855
Cylinder head 3084652 CUMMINS MTA11
Cylinder head 3802468 CUMMINS 6CT8.3
Cylinder head 3802340 CUMMINS 6BT5.9
Cylinder head 3933419 CUMMINS 4BT3.9
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