Part komatsu P/ N Part model Engine model Machine
turbocharger 6502-12-1000 KTR130-1B S6D155-4B D155A-1
turbocharger 6502-12-1001 KTR130-1C S6D155-4B D155A-1
turbocharger 6502-12-1002 KTR130-1D S6D155-4B D155A-1
turbocharger 6502-13-2003 KTR130-11F S6D155-4S D155A-2
turbocharger 6502-12-9004 KTR130-9G S6D155-4A D355A-5
turbocharger 6502-12-9003 KTR130-9F S6D155-4A D355A-3
turbocharger 6502-12-9005 KTR130 SA6D155-4A D355A-3
turbocharger 6505-52-5410 KTR110G-QD6B SA6D140E-2A D155A-5
turbocharger 6505-65-5140 KTR110L-585E SA6D140E-3A D275A-5
turbocharger 6505-52-5540 KTR110-K75B SA6D170E-2A D375A-3
turbocharger 6505-52-5560 KTR110-K76B SA6D170E-2A D375A-3
turbocharger 6711-81-9100 ST-50 NT855 D85A-18
turbocharger 6685-91-9108 NTO-6-CI-1D D75S-3
turbocharger 6152-82-8610 S6D125E-2J D75S-5
turbocharger 6152-81-8310 S6D125-1CC D85A-21
turbocharger 6150-81-8300 TV7705 S6D125-1F D75A-1
turbocharger 6152-81-8300 TV7705 S6D125-1E D75S-5
turbocharger 6151-81-8500 TO4E08 S6D125-1AG D65P-12
turbocharger 6205-81-8110 S4D95L-1 PC100-5
turbocharger 6732-81-8100 S4D102E-1D PC100-6
turbocharger 6137-82-8200 TO4B-59 S6D105B-1A PC200-3
turbocharger 6138-82-8600 TO4B59-39 S6D105B-1A PC220-3
turbocharger 6207-81-8210 T04B59 S6D95-1B PC200-5
turbocharger 6207-81-8220 SA6D95L-1C PC220-5
turbocharger 6209-81-8311 SAA6D95 PC200-6
turbocharger 6735-81-8031 HX35 SA6D102E PC200-6
turbocharger 6735-81-8400 SA6D102E-2C PC220-6
turbocharger 6738-81-8091/ SAA6D102E-2C PC200-7
turbocharger 6738-81-8190 HX35W SAA6D102 PC220-7
turbocharger 6152-81-8110 TA4532 S6D125-1S PC300-3
turbocharger 6222-81-8210 TO4E08 SA6D108-1A PC300-5
turbocharger 6222-83-8171 S2B SAA6D108-2A PC300-6
turbocharger 6743-81-8040 HX40W SAA6D114E-2A PC300-7
turbocharger 6152-81-8500 TV7705 S6D125-1T PC400-3
turbocharger 6152-81-8210 TA4532 S6D125-1W PC400-5
turbocharger 6152-82-8210 SA6D125-2A PC400-6
turbocharger 6505-11-6443 KTR110A-1E SA6D140- PC650-3
turbocharger 6505-11-6250 KTR110A-1L SA6D170B-1F PC1000-1
turbocharger 6222-83-8120 S2B S6D108-1G WA320-3
turbocharger 6736-81-8190 SA6D102E-1B\ WA320-3
turbocharger 6138-82-8201 TO4B59-39 S6D110-1A WA350-1
turbocharger 6138-82-8200 TO4B59-39 S6D110-1Q WA380-1
turbocharger 6222-83-8181 S2B S6D108-1F WA380-3
turbocharger 6742-01-3110 SA6D114 WA380-3
turbocharger 6743-81-8050 HX40W S6D114-2B WA380-5
turbocharger 6138-82-8201 TO4B59-39 S6D110-1J WA400-1
turbocharger 6138-82-8200 TO4B59-39 S6D110-1W WA420-1
turbocharger 6742-01-5000 HX40W S6D114 WA420-3
turbocharger 6152-81-8300 TV7705 S6D125-1M WA450-1
turbocharger 6152-81-8310 TA4532 S6D125-1KK WA470-1
turbocharger 6152-81-8310 TA4532 S6D125-1AM WA470-3
turbocharger 6152-82-8310 S6D125E-2 WA470-3
turbocharger 6505-11-6474 KTR110-1B S6D140-1R WA500-1
turbocharger 6505-52-5510 KTR110-776B S6D170-1D WA600-1
turbocharger 6162-84-8201 VA7701 SA6D170A-1Q WA700-1
Hitachi P/N Engine model Machine
turbocharger 8-94367-5161 TD04H 4BD1 EX120-2/3
turbocharger 8-94418-3200 RHB6A 4BD1T EX120-1/2
turbocharger 1-14400-1070 RHB7 6BD1-T UH083/07-7
turbocharger 1-14400-2100 RHC7 6BD1T EX200-1
turbocharger 1-14400-2720 RHC62C 6BD1TPJ EX200-2
turbocharger 1-14400-3320 RHE6 6BG1TQA EX200-5
turbocharger 24100-1860B RHC7ARH6 H06CT EX220
turbocharger 24100-2600A RHC7 H06CT EX220-3
turbocharger 1-14400-3770 RHG6 6BG1TC ZX200, ZX230
turbocharger 24100-2600A RHC7 H06CT EX270-2
turbocharger 24100-1870B RHC7 H06CTI EX270/220
turbocharger 24100-1440 RHC7 EP100 EX300-1
turbocharger 1-14400-2630 RHC7 6SD1-TP EX300-2C
turbocharger 1-14400-3140 RHC7 6SD1-TP EX300-2/3
turbocharger 1-14400-3900 RHG6 6HK1TC ZX330
turbocharger 1-14400-3340 RHE7 6SD1TPD-S EX300-3C
turbocharger 1-14400-3530 6SD1TQA EX350-5
turbocharger 1-14400-2080 TA51 6RB1TPF EX400-1
turbocharger 1-14400-3171 TA51 6RB1 EX400-3
turbocharger 1-14400-3360 6RB1TQA EX400-3C
turbocharger 1-14400-3400 TA51 6RB1TQA EX450-5
turbocharger 1-14400-3480 RHE61 6BG1TQB
turbocharger 1-14400-3520 6SD1TQE
turbocharger 1-14400-3830 RHC92 6WG1T ZX450
Kobelco P/N Engine model Machine
turbocharger ME 088488 TA31 6D31T SK200-1
turbocharger ME 088752 TA31 6D15 SK200-3
turbocharger 8-94367-5161 TD04H 4BD1-T SK120
turbocharger 8-94418-3200 RHB6A 4BD1-PTH SK120
turbocharger 8-97115-9720 TD04H 4BD1T SK120-3
turbocharger ME088725 TE06H 6D31T SK200-5
turbocharger ME088840 TE06H 6D34T SK200-5
turbocharger ME047765 TB41 6D15CT SK220
turbocharger ME078070 TO4E58 6D16T SK220-5
turbocharger ME157416 TD08-22D-28 6D22-T SK300
turbocharger ME078660 T04E 6D16T SK320-6
turbocharger ME158067 TD08H 6D24T SK450-3
turbocharger ME158162 TD08 6D24T SK450-3
Cat P/N Engine model Machine
turbocharger 5I5015 TD06H S6KT E200B
turbocharger 5I7585 3066 E320B
turbocharger 5I7903 TD06H S4KT E120B
turbocharger 5I7952 TD06H 3066T 320B
turbocharger 5I8018 TD06H 3066T E320C
turbocharger 5I8122 TD04H S4KT E311
turbocharger ME058765 6D22TC E450
turbocharger ME080098 4D31T E110
turbocharger ME157215 T0822-D 6D22T E300/ EL300
Kato P/N Engine model Machine
turbocharger ME088256 TD06-17C-10 6D31-T HD550SE
turbocharger ME088043 TD06-17C-10 6D31T HD700SEV
turbocharger ME088840 TE06H 6D34T HD700SEV
turbocharger ME037701 TD06H 6D14CT HD770SE2
turbocharger ME047762 TB4133 6D14T HD800V2
turbocharger ME088725 TE06H 6D31T HD820
turbocharger ME088840 TE06H 6D34TE1 HD820E
turbocharger ME037701 TD06H 6D14CT HD880SEV
turbocharger ME032938 TD07-22A 6D15CT HD880SE2
turbocharger ME047765 TB4133 6D15T HD900V2
turbocharger ME078070 T04E 6D16TE1 HD1023
turbocharger ME058448 3LM319 6D22-T HD1250SEV
turbocharger ME050579 TD08-22D-28 6D22-CT HD1250SEV
turbocharger ME157215 TD08-22D-28 6D22-CT HD1250SEV
turbocharger ME158162 TD08H-22D 6D24TE1 HD1250V2
turbocharger ME157209 TD08-22B 6D22TC HD1880SEV



turbocharger 3523850 HC5A KTA19 3801697
turbocharger 3525504 HC5A KTA19
turbocharger 3801697 T18A66 KTA19 466166-5002
turbocharger 3594066 HC5A KTA19 3801803
turbocharger 3529718 HC5A KTA19 3803452
turbocharger 3529870 HC5A KTA19 3803474
turbocharger 3524450 HC5A KTA38
turbocharger 3524451 HC5A KTA38
turbocharger 3528457 HC5A KTA50 3803338
turbocharger 3523393 HC5A KTA50
turbocharger 3524646 HC5A KTA50 3801843
turbocharger 3524819 HC5A KTA50 3801723
turbocharger 3018067 T-46 NTC290
turbocharger 3018068 T-46 NT855
turbocharger 3026924 T-46 NT855
turbocharger 3032060 ST-50 NT855
turbocharger 3529040 HT3B NT855BC-III
turbocharger 3032062 ST-50 VTA1710
turbocharger 3027704 T-46 VTA1710
turbocharger 3802767 HX35W 6BTA5.9
turbocharger 3592121 HX30W 4BTA3.9
turbocharger 4024969 HX50 M11 3594809
turbocharger 3537037 HX40 M11
turbocharger 3537245 HX50 M11 3803939
turbocharger 3519092 H2C LTA10 3801489
turbocharger 3530768 H2E LTA10 3803389
turbocharger 3531772 H2D LTA10 3803570
turbocharger 3531861 H2E LTA10 3803578
turbocharger 3532053 H2E LTA10 3803586
turbocharger 3532475 H2D LTA10 3803639
turbocharger 3533090 H2E VTA28G3 3803660
turbocharger 3803130 HC3 VTA28G5 3519056
turbocharger 3523591 HT4B VTA28 3801590
Factory site:Zhengzhou City, Circle and Chemical Road intersection (north Chen Wu Village North)
Office Address: You Ai Road, Zhengzhou City, Great Wall of Business, Room 1407
Tel:0086-371-67950238/783/138 Fax:0086-371-67971119 E-mail:[email protected]