Part name Part no. Host machine manufacturer Machine Remark 
Starter 600-813-4560 KOMATSU PC200-1 24V 13Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-3660 KOMATSU PC200-2 24V 13Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-4120 KOMATSU PC200-3 24V13Z 5.5KW
Starter 600-813-4421 KOMATSU PC200-5 24V11Z 5.5KW
Starter 600-813-4422 KOMATSU PC200-6 24V11Z 5.5KW
Starter 600-863-4110 KOMATSU PC200-7 24V 11Z 4.5KW
Starter 600-813-3963 KOMATSU PC300-1 24V11Z 8KW
Starter 600-813-6510 KOMATSU PC300-5 24V 12Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-6411 KOMATSU PC300-6 24V 12Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-2724 KOMATSU PC400-1 24V11Z 11KW
Starter 600-813-3630 KOMATSU PC400-5 24V 12Z 7.5KW
Starter   KOMATSU 20HT 24V 11Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-2412 KOMATSU NH220 24V 11Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-2242 KOMATSU 4D105 24V 11Z 7.5KW
Starter 600-813-3130 KOMATSU 4D95 24V 9Z 5.5KW
Starter   HITACHI 6BD1T 24V 12Z 7.5KW
Starter 1-8100-197-0 HITACHI 6BD1T 24V 11Z 5.5KW
Starter 1-8100-246-1 HITACHI 6SD1 24V 11Z 7.5KW
Starter 1-81100-043-2 HITACHI 4BD1 24V 11Z 5.5KW
Starter 28100-2150 HINO HO7CT 24V 11Z 6KW
Starter ME057350 MITSUBISHI 6D22 24V 13Z 6KW
Starter ME017004 MITSUBISHI 4D31 24V 9Z 3.2KW
Starter M2T78381 MITSUBISHI 6D31 24V 11Z 5.5KW
Starter ME037636 MITSUBISHI 6D14.15.16 24V 11Z 5.5KW
Starter   MITSUBISHI S6K 24V 10Z 5.5KW
Starter 10478831 Delco-Remy 37MT 12V 10Z
Starter 1993886 Delco-Remy 42MT 12V 11Z
Starter 1114098 Delco-Remy 40MT 12V 11Z
Starter 1114109 Delco-Remy   12V12Z
Starter 1114848 Delco-Remy   12V11Z
Starter 1113923 Delco-Remy   12V 12Z
Starter 0-001-417-001 BENZ 0M402 24V 9Z 6KW
Starter   BENZ OM355 24V 11Z 6.6KW
Starter   BENZ OM422 24V 9Z 6.6KW
Starter 3021038 CUMMINS KTA19  
Starter 3021036 CUMMINS NT855  
Starter 4N3181 CAT 3306  
Alternator   KOMATSU PC200-1  
Alternator 600-821-7230 KOMATSU PC200-3 24V 35A
Alternator 600-821-7620 KOMATSU PC200-5 24V 35A
Alternator 600-821-6190 KOMATSU PC200-6 24V 30A
Alternator 600-861-3410 KOMATSU PC200-7 24V 35A
Alternator 600-821-6160 KOMATSU PC300-5 24V 25A
Alternator 600-821-6150 KOMATSU PC400-5 24V 25A
Alternator   CAT S6K  
Alternator   KOMATSU 4D95  
Alternator   HITACHI EX200-1  
Alternator   HITACHI EX200-5  
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